Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use Tasks4Cash like a pro. We’ve got the answers for some of the most asked questions. Curious about Tasks4Cash? Ask us anything about our brand and any other queries through contact us page.

Who Are We?

Tasks4Cash is a social media network dedicated to helping people make money on social media platforms. Many of the big name influencers on Social Media most likely work for us.

Can I Really Make $1000 Daily?

Yes, it can be achieved by using Lucky Wheel, one of our best rewarding section, which guarantee daily prices upto $1000 and the best thing is it's free.!

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Tasks4Cash is absolutely free to join and we intend on keeping it that way.

Why it works?

As you know, social media has really exploded in the last 10 years. Networks have reached over 4 billion users combined — you likely being one of them. All social media users have opinions about products that are valuable to the various international businesses that produce them. This is how Google earns its money. In return, they give you Gmail, Google Search, and their other products for “free”. Instead of software products, our team at Tasks4Cash has worked for over the years developing an AI-based algorithm to deliver 90%+ of this value directly to your hands, completely skipping all share eaten up Google, Facebook, etc. This is how our payouts are highest amongst our competitors, because our smart algorithm allows us to operate at 7-8x the efficiency of other networks — you are free to check and compare!

How Do I Get Started?

Register an account to get started! All you need is a smartphone/PC, an internet connection and that's it.

Whats Your Goal?

Our goal is to completely remove the discrepancy large tech companies have with regards to user information, and instead give you all the value directly & tangibly. Test, as you join our network, work with us, and invite your friends! Our algorithms improve and we can offer better tasks and larger payouts. We welcome you and thank you for participating in our effort.

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